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Interested in our Shepherds Hut Toilet Hire and Event shower hire for your wedding, event or festival? Then simply fill out the form below with basic information of when, where, and what you are planning (with an estimated number of your daytime and evening guests) and we will get back to you with a personal quote for Wedding Toilet hire prices or events.

If you have any questions about our flock of luxury shepherds hut style toilets then please check out our FAQ’s section at the bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if we haven’t answered your question then feel free to contact us on;

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       Frequently Asked Questions       

At Nomadic Washrooms, all enquiries are dealt with by us (Kate and Stu Richards) personally, with each response and competitive quote bespoke to that enquiry.

We also receive a lot of questions about our luxury shepherds hut style toilets and washrooms; so we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them here. We regularly add new questions and answers too, so you know that all of our information is up to date.

If the question you have isn’t answered below, then feel free to fill in an enquiry form or simply send us a message!

How much do the luxury shepherd style toilets cost to hire?
Each member of our flock has its own unique features and its own starting price. Unfortunately, due to varying travel costs based on the different locations of events, we cannot provide a set price for our units. However, we deal with every enquiry on a personal basis and work with you to give you the best price for one of our luxury washrooms to attend your event. To find out the differences and starting prices visit: luxury shepherd style washrooms for hire.
How can I tell if my location is suitable for a luxury toilet or washroom?
At Nomadic Washrooms, all of our units are built on road-legal Chassis’ which makes them fully mobile. All we need at the location of your event is good access, an area of relatively level ground to park up and enough space for the unit (check specifications section of each page). If you are worried about whether the surface of the area is suitable for one of our units then feel free to get in touch. Previously, at events, our units have parked up on grass, tarmac, concrete and many other surfaces.
Do Nomadic Washrooms come with an attendant or need servicing?
Our flock at Nomadic Washrooms arrive at your event smelling amazing and in pristine condition. They are very low maintenance and when used respectfully they will easily last the duration of your event. Each of our units has its own unique capacity size for the number of guests for 8 to 10 hours of usage. These capacities have been calculated using real-life events and are proven to be more than sufficient. If you would like to increase the capacity of one of our luxury washrooms then please ask about the optional extra of a ‘Pump Out’ when enquiring. You can also request for one of our trusted toilet attendants to attend your event to discreetly maintain the unit and keep it fully stocked with toilet roll.
How and when are Nomadic Washrooms delivered and collected?
Upon confirming your booking of one of our luxury toilets or washrooms, we will work with you to arrange the best time in order to deliver and collect our units to the location of your event. Our drivers are trusted members of the Nomadic Washrooms team and are easily recognisable in their smart branded jackets and driving our branded 4×4 vehicles. Typically, we deliver the Nomadic Washrooms to your desired location 1 or 2 days before the start of your event and collect the unit the next morning.
Do Nomadic Washrooms require an electricity supply?
Every member of the Nomadic Washrooms flock requires an electricity supply of 16 amps with a current draw of 10 amps or a standard plug socket connected to the mains. This powers our vintage-style lighting and our heating systems to provide hot water for showers and taps. To put it into context, a 16 amp is the standard output of a high-power outdoor socket typically run from a generator. If you are unsure of whether you have sufficient power supply or how to power any of our flock then please get in touch and we will try our best to assist you.
What is done to stop the toilet units smelling?
The Nomadic Washrooms fleet of luxury style toilets and showers are delivered to your event sparkling and smelling incredible. This is because we complete a deep clean of each unit the day before it attends an event regardless if it has been used or not. We use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals which leave long-lasting fragrances to mask any unwelcome smells. In addition, we also have a range of automatic air fresheners discreetly installed into each toilet and washroom to keep our units smelling amazing.
Are Nomadic Washrooms accessible to everyone?
We have The Accessible Shepherd which is our most user-friendly toilet facility. It is our most unique shepherd style luxury washroom and is built using a vintage style horsebox, which has a front and back ramp that can be lowered so that users can access either the toilet or shower area.

As for the other luxury washrooms in our flock, they are all built on trailers and are accessed by sturdy metal steps. This means that they may be difficult to access for people with a disability. If you have any questions about accessing our luxury units then please feel free to get in touch.

Do Nomadic Washrooms require a water supply?
Toilets (No) – If you are hiring any of our luxury toilet units (or our luxury washrooms and only using the toilets) then you will not usually require a water supply. All of the toilets installed in our units are self-contained which means that they recirculate their water supply using filters and the sweetest smelling additive.

Showers (Yes) – If you are hiring one of our Nomadic Washrooms to use our rustic-style showers, then you will need to provide access to a water supply.

Do Nomadic Washrooms require access to drainage facilities?
Toilets (No) – All of the luxury shepherd style toilets are self-contained which means that there is a freshwater tank built into our trailers for hand washing which once used is collected in the built-in waste collection tanks. The contaminated water storage has an odour neutralising additive to prevent any lingering smells and will be emptied by us when we collect the units. If you would like one of our units for an additional day, then you can request a ‘Pump Out’ for your event so that the units can be emptied by us between functions. If you would like to arrange long term hire then we can arrange for the units to be hard plumbed to a large external waste tank.

Showers (Yes) – If you are hiring one of our luxury shower units then you will need to provide a drainage facility at the location of your event. Drainage facilities can be standard drains or a soakaway area. If you have any questions about whether your drainage area is sufficient please get in touch and we can help.


Do Nomadic Washroom showers require high water pressure?
Our Shepherd style showers are installed alongside a heating and water pumping system. This means that even if you input cold water with weak water pressure, you will enjoy a nice warm and powerful shower.

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