As the end of 2023 draws in, and Stu thinks he can finally put his feet up after our busiest Summer to date, he has one last job of extending our mantelpiece. Something we never thought we would be saying, but we are ecstatic to announce that Nomadic Washrooms has won the Maker and Creator of the 2023 at the Great British Entrepreneurship Awards.

Dubbed the ‘Grammys of Entrepreneurship by none other than Steven Bartlett and ‘Better than winning the World Cup’ by previous winner James Watt, the founder of Brewdog; to be nominated and shortlisted for this award alone was a major honour for us.

To come home with the award from the London event hosted by Allica Bank on November 21st was a real pinch-us moment and another amazing milestone to add to the Nomadic Washrooms story.

What is the Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards?

You just have to look at the list of previous winners to understand how prestigious these awards are, and the magnitude of what it means to be even nominated and shortlisted for any of the categories. This year’s awards had over 5,000 applications, showing how competitive the business landscape is and how many incredible entrepreneurs and start-ups exist across Great Britain.

The founder of The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Francesca James said:

“I am thrilled to witness the extraordinary achievements of this year’s winners. Their success stories are a testament to the dynamic and innovative spirit that thrives within UK entrepreneurship. These inspiring entrepreneurs embody the creativity, determination, and passion that are at the heart of our nation’s business success. Their accomplishments not only celebrate their own journeys but also light the way for future generations of innovators and business leaders”.

This was followed by the CEO of Allica Bank, Richard Davies, stating:

“It has been a real honour to sponsor this year’s GBEA awards. Hearing the inspiring stories from this year’s winners really brings to life the important contribution British entrepreneurs make to our economy. At Allica, we couldn’t be more excited to see such a talented group of individuals making their mark in the business world and we’ll be keeping a close eye on what they do next.”

Who are previous winners of the Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneurship Awards?

The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards pride themselves on having an incredibly strong track record of identifying entrepreneurs and start-up businesses across nine nations and regions before they become household names.

In addition to the award winners that we mentioned previously, other winners include Johnny & Pauline Paterson of Dr PawPaw, Hannah & Sophie Pycroft of Spectrum Collections, Philip Belmont of Zilch, Justin Basini of ClearScore, Lizzie Carter of Only Curly, and Dave Linton of MadLUG.

A list that we can’t really believe that we at Nomadic Washrooms are joining, the growth and expansion of each of their respective businesses across different sectors is something we hope to replicate as we continue to grow and expand.

Who judged the Maker and Creator Award for 2023?

Kate, Stu with teachers and pupils from Naliuri Primary School.

The judges of the Great British Entrepreneurship Awards include some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs, the founders of Poundland, Specsavers and Innocent Smoothies to name a few. For entrepreneurs of that calibre to be full of praise for our business is a little surreal.

Their feedback and praise highlighted the strength of our brand, creativity within the niche and our potential for future growth. They also identified Nomadic Washrooms as one of the best entries they have seen at the awards, which is a major compliment considering that over 5,000 businesses applied for the 2023 awards alone.

In addition, they also commended us on the steady and sustainable growth of Nomadic Washrooms and the strong position we have taken within the market. A core part of our business plan, as first-time entrepreneurs, we are really proud of our behind-the-scenes hard work is not only recognised but also lauded by a group of our highly-respected peers.

The year 2023 at Nomadic Washrooms

After another unbelievably busy Summer period that saw our Luxury Toilets and Washrooms do several laps up and around the UK, we are now looking forward to another even busier year next year (and obviously preparing our early 2024 travel plans).

The opening of our Oxfordshire depot was a major milestone for us and our business plan for the future. Allowing us to offer our services at a more affordable rate across the South of England, reduce our turnaround time, and most importantly, minimise our carbon footprint; we cannot be more grateful for our amazing team who have made everything possible. Their dedication and support never go unnoticed by Stu and myself, and the sustainable growth of Nomadic Washrooms to where it is now is a testament to that.

As always, we have many more exciting plans for Nomadic Washrooms next year that we can’t wait to share with you all, so as always watch this space!

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