Luxury Toilet Hire On ScaleUp Radio

It seems like every quarter we have something exciting to announce to our customers and readers and the start of 2024 is no different for Nomadic Washrooms.

Our latest update is our most recent radio visit on the Scale Up Radio podcast, a podcast series that focuses on ambitious business owners who want to transform their business. In This podcast we discuss everything nomadic, from our origins of just one single trailer to the 19 we currently have in rotation, as well as our journey into a franchising business.

It was an honour for Nomadic to be on the show and discuss Nomadic with Kevin Brent and how our niche luxury toilet hire business has blown up over the past few years.

It was even a surprise to Kevin, who had never experienced a business quite like ours on the show. We explained the origin of how this unique business came to be, When owners Stu and Kate had the inspiration from their own marquee wedding. Something was missing and the question was sprung, Why isn’t there a business offering luxury toilet hire for weddings, events and parties that offers a picture worthy backdrop and is memorable for all guests.

After some detailed market research, Kate & Stu realised there was nobody doing this! Off the back of this simple idea Nomadic Washrooms was formed.

“We put our all into it, and that reflects into the product we deliver.”

After much consideration with their current job positions and their entrepreneurial drive both Kate & Stu seized the opportunity to corner the luxury toilet hire market and offer a unique and memorable high end toilet rental experience like no other.

Their entrepreneurial spirit is seen throughout all elements of the business, with the luxury, rustic shepherd hut design of the toilets, to the day to day running of the business. You only need to look at the growth over this past year to see Nomadic Washrooms are a figurehead in the industry.

“We’ve taken the decision to build them ourselves…”

Stu had also taken the decision to produce and manufacture the Shepherd Hut Toilets themselves for two reasons…

Firstly, and another nod to his entrepreneurial brain, it saves on the overall investment as in house they can be built for a significantly reduced cost. This in hand also allows for staff retention as during the winter months the Shepherd hut’s toilets can be manufacture, offering a further permanent role within the team.

Secondly, it offers expansion in terms of the franchising options as Stu & Kate can sell these manufactured huts to Franchisees.

To hear the full story of Nomadic Washrooms and find out how a small business has boomed into the staple figure head for luxury toilet hire listen to the podcast below!