Unfortunately, 2020 didn’t go according to plan for anyone. But, 2021 could hopefully be the year that many couples finally tie the knot.

At Nomadic Washrooms, we have worked closely with all of our existing bookings and organisers in order to make sure everyone is feeling positive with their wedding plans and re-arranged bookings of our luxury shepherd hut toilets. We continue to take bookings for 2021 and beyond and have built-in extra guarantees in our terms of conditions to make deposits transferable or fully refundable if restrictions prevent events from going ahead.

So in the meantime, and in the hope that weddings of one kind or another can take place this year, we thought we’d spread some positivity and share with you our favourite socially-distanced wedding ideas for 2021!

Talk About The Elephant In The Room

It’s here and it’s not going anywhere, so address it. If we can have gatherings later in the year and your wedding goes ahead, let your guests know what your expectations are, and make everyone aware of the dos and don’ts. The best way that we have seen this done at socially distanced weddings from last year is a display board at the entrance to your venue which explains everything to your guests.

Communication is key and letting everyone know about how your socially-distanced wedding works will put guests minds at rest and allow everyone to have an amazing day. It also helps take the pressure off organisers and the happy couple by preventing a bombardment of questions from uncertain guests.

A beautiful display board can also be tied in with the wedding idea of comfortability bands below – which we think is great.

Outdoors is the New Indoors

We all know that the risk of transmission is a lot lower when outside in open spaces rather than inside; so look at having your wedding at an outside venue rather than inside if the restrictions allow. Alternatively, have a small ceremony inside with your close friends and family and then have your wedding party with your extra guests outside.

There are loads of amazing outside wedding venues and locations to choose from – and also contingency plans for the British weather to consider like open marques. So take a look online for outdoor wedding inspiration and you might just find the perfect setting to tie the knot.

Create New Wedding Traditions

If a socially-distanced wedding gives you anything, it is a chance to be creative and really wow your guests. Think outside the box and put a modern twist on old traditions in order to make them socially-distanced or come up with new concepts altogether.

One idea that we saw at a socially-distanced wedding in 2020 was the first dance in a concert style where the bride and groom put on a show for their nearest and dearest. We think this is a really fun idea and gives you a chance to show off your unique personalities and give your guests something to remember (for the right reasons hopefully).

Comfortability Bands

A unique idea that we found online was a colour band system which is a subtle yet effective way for guests to display to everyone what they are comfortable with. Simply have a range of bands in different colours at your event for your guests to choose from at the entrance with a little explanation of what each colour means. Below is a little example of what different colours could mean:

Colour 1: Keep Your Distance – I am here for this special day but please keep your distance from me as I’m in my support bubble.

Colour 2: Let’s Talk – I am comfortable with talking and mixing with people but let’s not hug or shake hands just yet.

Colour 3: Anything Goes – It’s a wedding and I want hugs, handshakes, high fives and to dance.

The colours can also be linked with your theme or flowers and contain a message which could make them a nice keepsake for all your guests.

Whatever you decide to do to make sure the wedding is safe and the most important thing is to ensure that your wedding party conforms with all the regulations in place at the time! If that means you’re only allowed 30 people, then don’t go all out and risk a fine. Just get in touch with your suppliers and see if you can re-arrange for a later date!

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