At Nomadic Washrooms we are more than excited to announce the arrival of a new member of our flock in The Accessible Shepherd. Already nicknamed ‘The Friendly Shepherd’, the latest addition is a disability friendly luxury washroom that includes both a toilet and showers. Since the plans were drawn up late last year, we’ve been patiently waiting to announce the news about The Accessible Shepherd to you all; and we are expecting the unit to pass all of the road-legal legislation soon and be ready for Spring 2021.

To see the first glimpses of The Accessible Shepherd, make sure that you are following us on social media; and if you are interested in hiring it, we are already taking bookings for Summer 2021 onwards.

What’s special about The Accessible Shepherd?

One of our core values at Nomadic Washrooms is inclusivity, and we want everyone to be able to use and love our luxury washrooms as much as we do. In the designs for our existing units, we tried our best to make them as easy as possible to access. But, due to the fact they are all made from raised trailers, it was difficult to create appropriate access without requiring a large amount of extra plot space and an attendant present all the time.

That’s why the addition of The Accessible Shepherd is so important to us at Nomadic Washrooms and we are so excited that it will be arriving soon. The unique design using a horsebox instead of a trailer has allowed us to create easy to manoeuvre ramps on both the front and back. So that anyone can access the more spacious disability-friendly toilet via the front ramp or the double shower washroom via the back ramp.

We can’t wait to take it on the road to events, festivals and weddings and to watch everyone enjoy a piece of the Nomadic life.

What facilities are on-board The Accessible Shepherd?

The Accessible Shepherd has a spacious disability-friendly toilet with a vintage style sink area built into the front of the trailer and two small washrooms with rustic showers built into the back. Each of these areas has their own easy to use ramp in order to access them and can be shut off from one another when not in use. This means that if you only need the use of The Accessible Shepherd’s toilet for your event then you can easily close off the shower area from your guests and vice versa.

As always we have used real timber for the internal decoration of the unit and added a range of quirky fixtures in order to achieve our signature shepherd style. The luxury disabled toilet and showers also come as standard with eco-friendly hand wash and shower gels, so it’s not only friendly to people but also the environment.

What type of event is The Accessible Shepherd suitable for?

In short, The Accessible Shepherd is suited to any type of event that you are thinking of planning in the United Kingdom. The standard capacity that we are suggesting for this unit is up to 50 people for 8 to 10 hours. However, we have already had several enquiries from event planners wanting to hire The Accessible Shepherd alongside our other luxury washrooms for hire.

We also can expand the capacity of any of our units by performing a ‘Pump Out’ at your event – check out the optional extras section of any of our luxury washrooms to find out more.

Where can you find out more and how to book The Accessible Shepherd?

To see all of The Accessible Shepherd’s specifications and requirements (including a range of frequently asked questions) visit The Accessible Shepherd Luxury Disabled Washroom Hire. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the unit as well as be able to send us an enquiry to provisionally book The Accessible Shepherd for an event of yours.

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